Win the game with Moving Question Cards

Moving Questions: One Day Workshop


MAY 2021

Expanded your toolkit with Moving Questions

You have practiced at least five new different formats of asking questions.

You will gain new insights about yourself and issues you might experience in your life


You will receive the card deck Moving Questions.

About the workshop

At the beginning of the workshop you will receive the card deck Moving Questions. With this card deck you have 50 ready made Moving Questions and, on the backsides, symbols you can use in table constellations.

The cards can be used in many situations. During the workshop you will practice a way of using the cards for at least the following situations:

  • Individual coaching
  • Acquisition/intake as a professional providing services
  • Self coaching
  • Long distance conversation with questions
  • Decision making

After you feel comfortable enough with working with the cards, Siets will explain more about the grammar of the questions so you can create your own variations of the questions.

The last part of the workshop is used to include the symbols sides of the cards. You will learn how to mix table constellations with the questions, even if you are not a trained constellator.

Siets Bakker



 We hope that the COVID-19 situation will allow us to complete a workshop in may 2021

Practical infomation

Himmelbjerggården, Silkeborg


DKK 3,000.00 excl. VAT
The price includes consumption, materials, question cards and the book “Moving Questions”.


Place to be announced soon


Anette Raaby
Siets Bakker


Dates will be announced soon 


The workshops will run from 9am – 6pm each day.


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