Michael Nørager on organizational constellations

Lecturer and Ph. D. from Aarhus University on the need for Presence
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Academic handshake with organizational constellations

Lecturer at Aarhus University and Ph.D. in organizational development Michael Nørager visited the organizational constellations education to talk about the connection between neuroleadership and constellation work.

According to Michael, it’s not an academic no-go to feel and to sense! In fact, it’s a prerequisite for innovating, he says.

“Put the weapons down and let’s try to connect”

Michael first met with organizational constellations when he was giving a speech at a conference in which he was spotted by Anette Raaby and Mette Nordahl. They invited him to participate in a workshop with Jan Jacob Stam and he accepted. At the workshop, Michael tried to be a ‘representative’ for a consultancy project and he experienced how he became the project and was able to act on its behalf. Later he learned that his impulses had been spot on to the person who’s project he represented.

We work in a paradigm of mental constructions in which efficiency, rationalization and optimizations are key. When we run into trouble, we do more of the same, and thereby push some systems very inadequately, Michael explains. Not only does such narrow mindset limit the results, but Michael also fears for the future of the civilization unless we add something else. Companies can not redeem their potential unless we include a completely different field and a creative space in which presence is among the new qualities. The emerging needs much more space, he says. That space is available with constellations work.

Evidence and method awareness are of course academic essentials, but Michael emphasizes that we should be better at incorporating and integrating new methods if we want to achieve a “better insight level”. We have to make ourselves more available to the situation, we have to be curious and interested in dialogue, conversation and translation. In Michael’s own experience with constellations he felt that his body and the interaction with other representatives contributed solutions that otherwise would not have made themselves known. “Wauw, where did it come from !?”

Michael Nørager explains these points in Danish in the videos: ‘First meeting with constellations’, ‘What is lacking in management’ and ‘I’m not opposed to theory, but’. On Kongruens’ YouTube, you can watch all three videos with Michael Nørager, as well as videos in English with Cecilio Regojo, who also teaches a module of the organizational constellations education. The videos are all created by Anders Stahlschmidt, who participates in the education.



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