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Family constellations for organisation constellators

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Family constellations for organisation constellators
Fresh-up for trained constellators

As a result of requests from organisation constellators in training or practicing, to understand the differences and similarities between the dynamics in families and organisations, Kongruens is happy to present Bibi Schreuder, co-owner of The Hellinger Institute.


Facilitators of organizational constellations  often come to the borders of organizational systems. Many patterns and dynamics have their origins in a family system. Sometimes it turns out that an organizational issue is in fact more related to a personal or work-related question.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to facilitate family constellations or to guide (in a systematical way) the personal issues that arise from their clients.

This training is also experienced as a good fresh-up for people who had a family-constellation training.

Especially the systemic approach from the Dutch Hellinger institute will give you a deeper understanding of how systems work, how the survival mechanisms (personal conscience, systems conscience and the evolutionary conscience) create patterns.

Bert Hellinger Instituut is the founding institute of the organizational constellations method



After completion of the training you will


Have developed a keen eye for what is happening in the soul of the family system


Obtain knowledge about how systems function and about the three survival mechanisms: personal conscience, system conscience and evolutionary force.


Be able to perceive and act in a phenomenological, systemic and non-judgemental way


Be able to apply the systemic principles to facilitate family constellations in a responsible way


Obtain insight into your own patterns

Bibi Schreuder

Bibi Schreuder is co-owner and trainer at the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. She explains:

I perceive systemic work in the same way as the undeniable power of nature – you can only go with the flow, never against it.

Read more about Bibi Schreuder at the Hellinger Institute website

For whom?

This 5-day course is intended for facilitators of organizational constellations, who have already completed the full course in systemic work with organizational constellations and who wish to learn to recognize family dynamics in their work and when desired, work with them.
Facilitators of organizational constellations who also want to facilitate family constellations.



Admission requirements include a completed course (Organizational or Family Constellations)

Modules in Family Constellations for Organisation Constellators 2020

The training takes place in inspiring nature settings in the heart of Denmark


Module 1

Location: Himmelbjerggården, Ry, Denmark



Focus will be on perceiving, on theory and on the inner attitude of the facilitator

  • What is specific for family systems?
  • Common patterns in families: how do they originate; how do you recognize them in real life? In a constellation; what interventions can you do?

Bibi facilitates a number of family constellations, reflection and Mini-constellations (to learn from as a facilitator). Themes may include:

  • Parents and children, composite families, adoption, step children
  • Partner relationships
  • Disease, Addiction, Incest, Victim-perpetrator dynamics, Anorexia, Depression, Psychosis and other disorders

These themes reveal a number of possible dynamics and interventions that can be discussed, such as the attitude of the facilitator, in relation to life and death. We will be working from the personal conscience, system conscience and the evolutionary force.


Module 2

Location: Himmelbjerggården, Ry, Denmark



In this module, participants will facilitate their own family constellations and receive coaching on their work.

  • Work with own cases
  • Work with cases from guest clients (2 guest clients welcome)
  • Do exercises with regard to the inner attitude of the facilitator

At the end of this program, participants can, in fact, start facilitating family constellations, or facilitating personal issues that arrive from their clients during organisation constellations.

Himmelbjerggården, Silkeborg


1200 Euros (9.000 DKK excl. moms)
Coffee/ tea, light lunch and snacks included.
Accommodation facilities available at additional cost.


Himmelbjergvej 11
8680 Ry
DK – Denmark


Bibi Schreuder – Co-owner and trainer at the Bert Hellinger Institute in The Netherlands
Training in English


Minimum 10 participants, Maximum 20 participants
Previous training required

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Family constellations for organisation constellators