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Unleashing group wisdom

We work with systemic management practice in group settings and demonstrate a practical use of our collective, tacit wisdom. We do so while utilizing ourselves as actors.

The Systemic Management Center works with organisational constellations. It is new quite new in Denmark and has numerous partners and no competitors in the field.

In 2016-17 we’ve educated a group of people who are now able to apply the systemic management method. We are open for registrations for the education in organisational constellations that starts in August 2017. It spans 17 days spread over 6 modules, and ends in April 2018.

The education is currently mainly in Danish but we wish to offer an English version too. Please contact us if you have such interest.

Systemic Constellations in Organisations

Although systemic management work seems new and innovative to most, its use has been widely proven in large enterprises as well as smaller businesses all over the world since the mid 90’ies. German psychiatrist Gunthard Weber transcribed a series of lectureres by Bert Hellinger who invented Family Constellations which is the source of the method. Weber’s work resulted in the book: Zweierlei Glück (Capricious Good Fortune; aka Second Chance), 1993. He started introducing and applying the method into the corporate world.

Jan Jacob Stam founded The Hellinger Institute, and the two are considered the leading authorities in the field of Organisational Constellations.

Anette Raaby, founder of Systemic Management Center

Anette Raaby is Your Guide

Founder Anette Raaby is the primary instructor and your guide throughout the Systemic Management education starting in August. She will be supplemented with select national and international business cases and guest teachers.

Anette Raaby studied ‘System Dynamics in Organizations’ at the Hellinger Institute in Holland and in 2017 she earns her Master in Organisational Constellations from the Institute too. Anette Raaby has more than 20 years of experience in working with organisational development and change in private corporations and public organisations.

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Feel free to contact us if you are interested in attending or partnering with the Systemic Management Center.

“I still feel that excitement which I used to feel when I was a little boy playing on the beach – discovering beautiful shells from the giant ocean of knowledge.”

Jan Jacob Stam, Founder of the Hellinger Institute